Comandante Marcos

Comandante Marcos is a space deriving from a variety of experiences that celebrates the past and future by bringing them in a same moment of imagining a faraway land…, Mexico. In our memory we resurrect telenovelas, the cultural warmth, language and many unfamiliarity’s of Mexico.

Here it is preferred to spend time with all of your loved ones…, and fall in love over and over again. We’re inspired by food, drinks, herbs, music, and feasts…, in general we feed off of small towns such as Todos Santos, Chiapas, Oaxaca, Tulum, San Pedro and many other “Pueblos Pequeños” that are best at celebrating the variety of food. Each day at Comandante Marcos is a new feast celebrating life.

We truly believe in Tacos, Mole, Carnitas, Chicharrones and many other “Alimentos” that make people into better human beings.

On the other hand we are proud to be able to serve Mezcal, a variety of Tequila and many craft Cocktails and Mexican Beers, which are preferred to be consumed only then when you’re not driving anything that moves with the power on any kind of engine.